10 budget & family friendly Amsterdam accommodation

Finding accommodation that is both budget friendly and family friendly is not an easy task, especially in a big city like Amsterdam, for a family of 5 like ours, it can become a very costly thing. We did a lot of research before our previous and upcoming trips to Holland and found a few places that made it into our shortlist which I am sharing with you in this post.
Keep in mind that that the budget for an urban vacation and a rural vacation may differ by a LOT. Another thing you have to take into consideration when you plan your trip, is your family needs. Are you comfortable staying in a hotel room, that in big cities, tend to be on the smaller side? Can you split up into 2 rooms (sometimes with a connecting door, sometimes not)? would you rather sacrifice staying in central locations for the comfort of space and lower prices?

I know that for many traveling families – the accommodation whether it’s a hotel, a rental house, a b&b, is just a place to come back to in the evening and sleep. For us, it is not so, we like to start and end our days calmly and comfortably. My kids are also, for some reason,  FASCINATED by new homes/hotel rooms/bungalows. It is a big part of their experience, discovering a different way of living. So this is something we give a lot of thought to.
When we looked into this factors, we came to a few conclusions that serve us as guide points before booking accommodations.

Space is important.

We have 3 active children and they need room to move, so cramped hotel rooms (the kind you get in big cities) end up being tortures for all of us. Let me be honest here for a second – I LOVE my kids but spending whole days being active with them is exhausting. At the end of the day, I NEED a bit of space from them, a bit of quiet, thus we prefer finding a place that will give us enough room so that we can each find a quiet corner to decompress.

Comfort over a central location

When I travel with my husband or with friends I always choose central city locations if this is the kind of trip we are taking. It’s part of the fun, being able to go out at night and walk back. Popping in and out of the hotel to drop off shopping bags etc. When traveling with kids though, it’s different. We stick to our kids usual sleeping patterns so we can avoid cranky tired children. Late hours outings are not an issue for us. We usually head back to our chosen accommodation around 17:00 and have a  dinner and a calm nightly routine – because of that,  we look for an accommodation in safe nice surrounding neighborhoods and areas – up to a 30-minute drive or a train ride. This way we can get the comfort we like – space, a place for the kids to run around in, kitchen, laundry facilities, for a much lower price. We also don’t like to split into 2 rooms so for us, many times, hotels are not really an option in big cities.

In AmsterdamAmsterdam canals

While traveling to Amsterdam with children you have two options – if you are planning on only visiting the city itself then you can stay within the city limits but outside of the very very expensive city center. If you plan on traveling around the rest of the country then you can either split your stay into 2 separate accommodations, or choose one that is located in a central enough area that will have you at about an hour drive from Amsterdam and between an hour to two hours drive from most of the other interesting places to visit in the Holland. (the next post will discuss those). We prefer houses/apartment/bungalows setup rather than hotel rooms, we can all relax better at the end of the day in those.
Holland in general offers fantastic choices – you can rent a bungalow at one of the many many holiday parks, or find holiday rentals on BOOKING.COM or airbnb.com.

Here are a few great places that offer many of the things discussed here, check them out and see if they fit your family needs:

Holiday Parks:

  • EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam
    if you are looking for a place that is near Amsterdam but outside of the actual city, about 25 minutes drive to the city center or a 30 minutes ride by public transport, about 40 minutes away from Schiphol airport and about two hours to other famous sites, then this holiday park may be right for you – relatively new (opened in 2016) it offers spacious bungalows, plenty of room for the kids to run around in plus facilities like a swimming pool, playgrounds etc, and the prices are super friendly to families.
  • Landle Rabbit Hill holiday park  – If you don’t mind getting further away from the city, or planning on visiting it just for part of your vacation then you should consider Rabbit Hill which is about an hour drive from Amsterdam center but closer to other fantastic attractions like The Arnhem Open Museum and the Juliana Toren amusement park etc. Rabbit Hill has indoor swimming pools, mini golf, play grounds, and restaurants, plus laundry facilities and a village store. It is a great place to stay especially if your kids are younger, the prices are affordable and very budget conscious. Landle has many different choices of holiday parks, we loved this one due to the great location a relatively low price.
  • The Markermeer resort is another fantastic budget-friendly option. Located about 50 minutes drive from the city but right on the water with many bungalows with a waterfront view,  this resort has a breathtaking view, playground, pedal boats that can entertain the children,  and many other facilities, it’s a great way to combine an Urban vacation with a seaside holiday.

If you prefer to stay closer to the city but still enjoy space and don’t mind paying more for it:

  • This extra spacious apartment can work for you – it is located in a wonderful family friendly Jordaan neighborhood.
  • This is another great apartment in the Westerpark neighborhood -it has plenty of room,  fully equipped kitchen, and all the comfort a home away from home needs.
  • Centrally located 2 BDR apartment – another great option if you want to stay within the city

If you want to be in the city and prefer the hotel/B&B option, then there are a few really nice hotels that offer family rooms at a reasonable price:

  • The Linden hotel – is a great choice for families who don’t mins smaller spaces – located at the city center, beautifully designed, and at a great price.
  • City Hotel Amsterdam – is another great choice if you don’t mind smaller quirky spaces, with a great location and a family room that can accommodate up to 5 people, it’s a great option in an affordable price.

  • Yays Oostenburgergracht Concierged Boutique Apartments – a lovely (and popular) option is this apartments hotel that offers
    more room for families and still at a reasonable price, very conveniently located within the city, it’s a great find if you manage to book it for your travel dates.
  • Nova Hotel – is a very sought after option due to the fantastic location  – in a walking distance from many of the city attraction, available family rooms, and a very manageable price. If you can find an opening in your desired date – book right away:)

Go ahead, plan your trip – consider your family needs and budget then find the right choice for you. – if you need some ideas about how to plan your family vacation check this post
If you need any recommendations for what to do in Amsterdam with kids – check out this post
If you have a favorite hotel/ rental home to recommend, we would love to hear from you in the comment section!
Happy travels.

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