How to plan a family vacation

A family vacation is such a complicated thing to plan. There are many factors you need to take into consideration, children ages, personal preferences, budget.  We just got back from our yearly big family vacation to Disneyland Paris, so I wrote down the few rules and tips that help me focus when I start planning it.
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Right from the start, the process of planning a family trip is more complex then booking a couple’s vacation. Deciding on a destination when traveling with kids of various ages, is not an easy thing.  Each child likes what he likes and us adults also need to be enjoying ourselves right?
So how to plan a family vacation that will be enjoyed by all? the first step is planning!
Do A LOT of research. We recommend Planning your family trips ahead of time as you can. This will able you to make the decision without being pressed for time. Join FB groups that are about traveling families,  follow blogs of families who are on the road,  collect a lot of information and then go over it until you come up with a couple of possibilities. Discuss those among your family and then finalize the destination. Here are a few rules of the thumb to help guide you in the decision-making process:

  1.  Accommodation is key – Look for accommodation that in itself is child-friendly and family oriented. This way, if the kids get too tired of the day trips you can take a “day off” and stay there and let them play and relax. In Europ, there are many holiday villages that offer exactly that. One major company that offers such accommodation is Center Parcs – their holiday villages can be found all around Europe in beautiful locations. Press the link and research the location that is right for you.
  2.  Location (of accommodation) is also key –We recommend Staying in one accommodation and going on day trips, returning to the same place each day, it’s easier for the children and for the adults, they are more settled that way, and you can unpack properly and not live out of a suitcase. It does mean, however, that you have to choose the location of your accommodation very carefully, Use google maps to check distances to attractions and places you want to visit and look for a location accordingly.
  3. Diverse activity schedule  – Plan a few long days in which you travel further (but never over a two-hour drive away from your starting point) and a few half days with a slower pace, allowing the children time to enjoy the amenities of where you stay during the week and also to recharge.
  4. Budget – Setting a budget for your vacation helps a lot in focusing your choices,  do what you can to make the most out of the budget. We came out with a few tips to help you manage your budget in a way that will ensure you take the trips you really want without making compromises. you can find those here.

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